Can I Trust That God Is Real?

May 26, 2024    Pastor Lance Bradley

Have you ever had questions for God that made you question God Himself? For example, did God create the universe and everything we know, or did we begin with a Big Bang? Were we created purposefully, or just a random series of chemical reactions?

Many people want to trust God, but the challenge is how do they trust Him if they don't know He exists.

In this message, we dive into a question that has puzzled many: Can I trust that God is real? How we respond to God is based on our trust in Him. The more we trust in God, the more likely we are to allow Him to be the God of our lives.

Watch as Pastor Lance talks about why he believes you can trust in God. And yes, all of us have wrestled with doubt at one point or another. In this message, you will discover how to process your doubts and explore answers that will build your trust in Him.